Voksigid was a language project developed by a group headed by Bruce R. Gilson in the period 1991-1992. It first arose out of some discussions on the Lojban mailing list in October 1991, which were carried over to the "conlang" mailing list (see [1] - message dated October 25). It was originally contemplated as an example of a language using a "reversed Japanese" syntax, an experimental syntactical structure. The author felt that this would in fact have some of the attributes of a "predicate" language, such as Loglan or Lojban, with, however, prepositions ("tags" or "case-markers") taking on the function that positions in a specified order have in those two languages.

The grammar of the language was basically completed in 1992, but the vocabulary was never completed because of a decline in the number of people interested in membership in the development group.

Toward the end of the development period, some of the envolved people became aware of the similarity of some of the ideas behind Voksigid grammar and the case grammar theories of Charles Fillmore; if the project had continued further, Fillmore's ideas might have been more thoroughly incorporated.

External referenceEdit

Description of the language

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