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Beck, C. (1657). Universal character of Beck. Britannia..


Le lingua de Beck esseva un arrangiamento de codification con numeros e alcun litteras del alphabeto latino que on dice poteva representar ideas traducibile a qualque lingua national.

  • Beck, C. (1657). The universal character, by which all the nations in the world may understand one anothers conceptions, reading out of one common writing in their own mother tongues; an invention of general use, the practice whereof may be attained in two hours space, observing the grammatical directions, which character is so contrived, that it may be spoken as well as written. London: William Weekley.
  • Dalgarno G. (1981). The Universal Character, by Which All the Nations in the World May Understand One Anothr’s Conceptions, Reading out of One Common Writing Their Own Mother Tongues.University Microfilms.

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