Texperanto is an artificial language invented in 1886 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Texican Revolution by Dr. Lazarus ("Lou") Zamenhof of the Douglass University Medical School at Port-au-President, Haiti. It's based mainly on the Romance languages, with a large input from English, and, to a lesser degree, from the Slavic languages, Cherokee, and Haitian Creole. Texperanto remained a small-scale hobbyist language in most of Texas, but became a vogue in Japan, where there were an estimated two million speakers of the language in 1986, a century after the initial publication of the language.

It became an official language of Texas, along with Spanish, English, French, Haitian Creole, and Cherokee in 2004. By 2025, virtually all Texans could speak the language, and by 2100, it was the most widely spoken language on Earth, Luna, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt. It went on to become the lingua franca of the Galaxy.

Texperanto esas artefarita lingo kel kreitas por ke memorigey la 50a datreveno de la texa revolto di Doktoro Lazarus ("Lou") Zamenhof de la Douglass Universitio Hilisto-Lernubo ce Port-au-President, Haiti. T esas bazita cefe ye la romansa lingi, kun grana danpono from Englalingo, e, plinargagrade, from la Slava lingi, Cerokilingo, e Haitia kreyolo. Texperanto restis nargagrada luduma lingo dan la maxparto de Texlando, sed ijis vogo dan Japanlando, ce kel esis taksata du milioni da parolanti de la lingo do1986, yarcento post la una publixago de la lingo.

T ijis oficiala lingo de Texlando, kune kun Hispanlingo, Englalingo, Franslingo, Haitia Kreyollingo, e Cerokilingo ye 2004. Bay 2025, proksimume yeda texlandano povis paroley la lingo, e bay 2100, t esis la max vaste parolata lingo ce Tero, Luno, Marso, e la Asteroyda Zono. T plifue ijis la lingofranko de la Galaxio.

Texperanto es ce:

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