Slovianski is an inter-Slavic language, created in 2006 by a group of language creators from different countries. Its purpose is to facilitate communication between representatives of different Slavic nations, as well as to allow people who don't know any Slavic language to communicate with Slavs. Both grammar and vocabulary are based on the commonalities between the Slavic languages. Unless Slovio, a schematic language with a grammar that is largely based on Esperanto, Slovianski is a naturalistic language. Its main focus therefore lies on instant understandability rather than easy learning.

Slovianski can be written using the Latin and the Cyrillic alphabets.


The Pater Noster:

  • Naš otec, ktori ješ v nebah, da svetene je tvoje imeno. Da priide tvoje krolevstvo, da bude tvoja volja, kak v nebah tak i na zemlje. Hleb naš každodenni daj nam tutden', i izvinij nam naše grehi, tak kak mi izvinime naših grešnikov. I ne ved' nas v pokušenje, ale spasij nas od zlogo.
  • Наш отец, ктори йеш в небах, да светене йе твойе имено. Да прииде твойе кролевство, да буде твоя воля, как в небах так и на землье. Хлеб наш каждоденни дай нам тутдень, и извиний нам наше грехи, так как ми извиниме наших грешников. И не ведь нас в покушенье, але спасий нас од злого.

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