A reformed Interlingua which appears to be the 2nd language of any Romance speaker (and they are more than 900 million today)Edit

By analysing the causes of Interlingua's unsuccess as a "universal" language, some interlinguists (association INTERLAND) have designed a new future for it : to be the natural 2nd language of the whole Latin family (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan...) So Interlingua of 1951 has been reformed according to 3 directions :

  • phonetizing orthography, as simple as possible,
  • replacing all antique words which have no present posterity,
  • modernizing words for an easier recognition by all speakers of the modern Romance languages.

The result, logically called Modern Latin, is really the 2nd ethnic language of them all, which they understand almost without study (only about 50 rebel words to learn in a basic 5000-vocabulary).

More information in the site

Un Interlingua riformate qui aparesce le secunde lingua de tote locutor neo-latin (e ellos son plus que 900 miliones apresente)Edit

Analisando le causas del fiasco de Interlingua in su rol de lingua "universal", qualcun interlinguistos (association INTERLAND) ha elaborate un nuve futuro pro ello : ester le secunde lingua natural del entere familia latin (francese, espaniol, italian, portughese, catalan...) Assi, se ha riformate le Interlingua de 1951 secun tres directiones :

  • fonetisar le ortografia, tan simple como possibile,
  • reimplaciar tote le vocabulos antique sen posteritat actual,
  • modernisar vocabulos afin que tote locutores del moderne linguas neo-latin los reconosce plus facilo.

Le resultato, logicment baptisate Latino moderne, es realment le secunde lingua etnic de tote ellos, qui lo comprende quasi sen estudio (solment aproximo cinquanta vocabulos rebel a aprender in un vocabulario basic de cinque mil).

Informa vois plus in le sito

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