This book, witten by Frank Esterhill and published by the Interlingua Institute, the first to make extensive use of the Archives of the International Auxiliary Language Association [[[IALA]]], examines four pivotal stages in the history of the international auxiliary language idea: (1) the Foundation of IALA in 1924 and early attempts at compromise; (2) the Formulation of the Interlingua of IALA after 1937 on the solid basis of the international vocabulary; (3) the Publication of the Interlingua-English Dictionary and the Interlingua Grammar in 1951; and (4) the Application from 1951 to 1977.

References: an extensive bibliography of the subject, including still-unpublished documents found in the Archive of IALA; Biographical Notes of the most important figures associated with IALA and with the Interlingua Institute; List of Directors of the Interlingua Institute; Representative Interlingua Texts from (I) Spectroscopia Molecular, (II) Third World Congress of Psychiatry, (III) Journal of the American Medical Association, (IV) Danish Medical Bulletin, (V) Scientia International, (VI) New York State Journal of Medicine, (VII and VIII) Multilingual Compendium of Plant Diseases; Journals with Interlingua summaries; World Medical Congresses which published Interlingua abstracts; Index of Names. Product Details

  • Esterhill, F. Interlingua Institute: A History, The Interlingua Institute, 2000, Paperback, 116 pp., ISBN: 0917848020

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