Choton (Pascal A. Kramm) Nord-Rhine Westphalia, Germania 2004


Le Choton es un lingua basate sur le anglese, le germano e le japonese.

Genesis 11:1-9Edit

1 ima Sembu welt häfte eins shprahCH mit säim wörd. 2 tabiing ost-e, hito findte flätland shinar-ni änd setlte soko. 3 itra säite einanda: "kom! maCHmasho renga änd feua itra saro." itra uhste renga shtat shtein änd tehr shtat mörtel. 4 sorekara itra säite: "kom! baumasho ziti für ichra mit turm soko made skei, joh-ni maCHu name für ichra, So-ni ichra isnai ferstreute üba Sembu erd." 5 aba hashem komte daun joh-ni miru ziti änd turm hito iste bauing. 6 hashem säite: "if äs eins folk shprahCHing ein shprahCH itra häf beginte tuing kono, nichz itra plan tuing wil is unmöglich für itra. 7 kom! ikumasho daun änd konfuhs itras shpraCH, So itra wil wakanai sich." 8 So hashem ferstreute itra üba Sembu erd, änd itra shtopte bauing ziti. 9 dakara ziti iste namete babel, weil soko hashem konfuhste Sembu welts sprahCH; soko kara hashem ferstreute itra üba Sembu erd.


From: Pascal A. Kramm <
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 19:38:17 +0200
Subject: New auxlang project: "Choton"

I have a new auxlang project which you can put on your news page, it's
about the auxlang "Choton". The official homepage is:

Now this isn't your run-of-the-mill romance auxlang (which has been done to death already), but rather it is based upon English (as the most used natural language for international communication), German (as the second- most important Germanic language) and Japanese (since East-Asian languages are generally completely ignored by auxlangs, with Japanese being the most important there, and also the most suited one). Along with this go a very simple and quickly to grasp grammar and a completely phonetic spelling, without going overboard by the abounding use of unusual special characters - only two of them (instead of 6 as in Esperanto) for which a very simple alternative is presented.

You can also add me (Pascal A. Kramm) to your List of People involved in Auxiliary Language Projects, with the description given above and a link to the Choton homepage.

Pascal A. Kramm, author of Choton
official Choton homepage:

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