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Ceqli, Tshengli (Rex F. May) 1996

Ceqli per Rex F. May es un projecto linguistic auxiliari con origines in le Loglan de James Cooke Brown, mais ha influentias del anglese e mandarin.

Ceqli by Rex F. May is an auxiliary language project with origins in James Cooke Brown's Loglan, but has influences from English and Mandarin.


[3P - third-person pronoun, LP - letter pronoun (refers to last referent that begins with the same letter), NE - name ending, PAP - progressive aspect particle, RP - reversal particle (switches place of subject and object), RSP - reverse separation particle, SP - separation particle]

do paba, snoy pweri gi pawja hu via tori.
at-time-of some-past-thing young girl PAP foot-go RSP according-to street
Once a young girl was walking along a street.

da ten hoq sa har, kay begarm cinzo.
3P have red SP hair, and RP-clothing Chinese
She had red hair and was wearing Chinese clothing.

baran hay, kay to pweri bu xayn froy —
rain exist, and the girl not seem happy —
It was raining, and the girl didn't seem happy —

peu dyar, kay befalo gaga sa xoqmaw!
LP wet, and RP-follow very-big SP panda!
She was wet, and was followed by an enormous panda!

gi bli, xoqmaw pelho to pweri! jiqkay peu bu beharm —
during instant, panda fight-start the girl, surprise-and LP not RP-harm —
Suddenly, the panda attacked the girl, but she wasn't harmed —

poke peu fanpelho to di,
opposite-that LP return-fight-start the animal,
On the contrary, she counterattacked the animal,

kay da kuldu pel kay pel, poynku kay pawku.
and 3P all-two fight and fight, fist-hit and foot-hit
and both fought and fought, punching and kicking.

fu pocaq taym, da stoy pel, kay gen sa pawjaho....
after opposite-long time, 3P stop fight, and again SP foot-go-start....
After a short time, they stopped fighting, and again started walking.

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