Católica / Langue Catholique (A.Liptay)) 1890

'Specimen del Lingua Catholic:

un = 1, dve = 2, tre = 3, quator = 4, quin = 5, six = 6, sept = 7, oct = 8, nov = 9, dece = 10

Titulo: La lengua católica
Autor: Alberto Liptay
Paris, Roger & Chernoviz, 1890 NT </FONT>

Titulo: Langue catholique: Projet d'un idiome international sans constr. grammaticale
Autor: Alberto Liptay
Publicate: Paris, Bouillon, 1892
290+ pp.

Alberto Liptay esseva medico del marina chilen, publicava in 1892 a Paris su "Langue catholique" ('catholic' hic in le senso de grec 'katholikos', universal, general). Su opinion esseva: Le lingua universal sia discoperite, non inventate.

(Discussiones de Interlingua per Alexander Gode, p. 72)

Alberto Liptay was an M.D. in the Chilean navy. In Paris, he published in 1892 his "Langue catholique" ('catholic' here in the sense of the Greek 'katholikos', universal, general). His opinion consisted of this maxim: The universal language should be discovered, not invented.

(Discussiones de Interlingua per Alexander Gode, p. 72)

...a Chilean, Alberto Liptay>, had further clarified the idea that “the international language does not need to be invented. It exists. One only needs to collect all its words and set them in order.”

-- in the introduction to the IED

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