Bolak (Léon Bollack) 1899

Nea Per, ev ra seri in silu, vea nom sy santigui, vea regu ey komi, vea vil ey makui il gev so in sil. Ev givo day nes pan taged ana. It ev solvi nae fansu ana so ne solvo aye re unifanso na. It ev nu lefti na to temt, lo ev bevri na om mal.

(also called Lingua Blau and Langue Bleue)


Ak vop sfermed pro spes maned, if om pobl to pobl, ne ei mnoka pfo an am lane.

Traduction a Interlingua:

Que immense avantage pro le humanitate, si ab populo a populo nos poterea communicar pro medio del mesme lingua

Translation into English:

What an immense advantage for mankind, if from people to people we could communicate through the same language.

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