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Data: 7 oct. 2005 12:17
Thema: Re: Astegonagraph*

This was a pasigraphy developed by the Hungarian
priest and scientist Gáti István (1743- 1843)in his
book A Steganographiának I-sõ könyve. A' Tachygraphia
vagy szapora irás módja, mellyet mint a'
Pasigraphiának Philosophica vagy Universalis nyelvnek
is elsõ vonásait, Közre bocsát zsengeképpen Gáti
István (First Book of the Steganography. The
Tachygraphy or way of writing quickly, published by
István Gáti as a first attempt to construct a profile
also of the philosophical Pasigraphy or universal
Language), published in Pest in 1820.

In 1893 a manuscript by Gáti titled "Stenographia
Tachygraphia Pasigraphia Universalis Lingua Rövid
Foglataja" (Brief Compendium of Stenography,
Tachygraphy, Pasigraphy, Universal Language) dated
1824 was found in the Hungarian National Museum.

Here is a sample of the project:

tóf sa Zugy tóg o tóg, ton togmo bõpmornas böpnya
Egyiptme böcecc zugydame döb sin emó todmó bögtof mo

(The first part of this means "I am your leader, your
God, [who] leads you out of Egypt..")

More details in E. Drezen, "Historio de la
Mondolingvo" and A. Dulichenko "Mezhdunarodnye
vspomogatel'nye yazyki"

Don G.

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