Language name: Ardano

Author(s): Zeinelabidin Elhassi

Year of publication or initial creation: 2005 Officially 2008

Link to "official" site:

Special features or characteristics: The biggest attempt towards universality of vocabulary

Basic word order (SVO, SOV, etc.): Flexibile (mainly SVO ,but can be changed if rules were followed

Sample texts (something short and simple like Babel, Pater Noster, etc.): " Anarsil " , hi alata . " Con catan mia pisimoh " mi alata . Hi yata min hratije con him . Hi libna futbol . Por dacal tahuni , atau , mi mina , sins vima tahun , mi non scartfana bol . Mi hivana lexme canan , canjan ngarueme la bol noco. Mi esta atatubnav . Mi esna merenal hratinas , bari , cunu mi gagofana tu la hratim . La bol cuanal hratiris na hivana esabu crafdad . Ti posna havme dacal rafichani , ana ti non esna l'arbitro !

translation : " Let's go " , he said . " With all my pleasure " , I replied . He wanted me to play with him . He loves football . For many years , or , I mean , since last year , I haven't touched a ball . Now I need to learn again how to move the ball . I was kidding. I am a good player , at least when I have entered the playground. The ball is a beautiful plaything and needs enough strength . You can make a lot of friendships , unless you are the referee !

Thank you. Zein.

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