I discovered Interlingua in summer 2004. I took part in a beginners' course at the Löftadalen College of Further Education in Sweden. It was fantastic to be able to understand a large part of a new language within three days!

Interlingua shares the Latin foundation of many other modern languages (65% of the English vocabulary comes from Latin), which is why it is so similar to the Latin-based langu ages. I myself am a language teacher and I was surprised by the simplicity of the vocabulary, grammar and expressions.

Interlingua would be excellent as a common language for the European Union because it is so easy for everyone to learn and, unlike English, it is neutral. There is a risk that, if English dominates, it will create inequalities, since this inevitably creates advantages for those who have English as their mother tongue.

We should mobilize together to spread Interlingua as a second language for everyone. It is entertaining, simple and practical!

Try it yourself!

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